Friday, October 28, 2016

3021. Why Are You Joyful?

We have to conduct according to our dignity, and we teachers have to treat our students according to their dignity, don't we?
And this common dignity is not less than we are children of God. And we can treat Him with the tenderness we treat or treated our dad and mom, because He loves us with the love all dads and moms in the world can love their children.
And all this prayer permeates our daily work, and the activities and routines we carry out.
It is good for us to know we aren’t alone in this world but we have Someone that takes care of us! A person with this knowledge can endure daily dire straits and minor pains better.
Think of the sorrows many people are having: earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, diseases… We have to learn about these disasters, because they’re our brothers and sisters.
Also we can celebrate our joys with Someone else.
There was a teacher, quite many years ago, who was suffering in a classroom with rather naughty students; well then he at once remembered also he had a mom in Heaven taking care of him: Saint Mary. That helped him quite a lot! And as I said we can have these helps at our daily teaching, and as well at our treating our students and our colleagues too! / Photo from: Rays-Fire-Station-Wish-238-PR Rays of Sunshine London fireman squad. As I said we are children of God at daily work, like the one firefighters may have to fulfill.
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