Monday, October 24, 2016

3018. Nice Contents for Your English Language Classes!

We language teachers can teach for example general English, and that’s ok, but we may have to teach ESP, this is English for Special Purposes, which demands a lot from us teachers, because we’ve got to recycle our English and learn how to say many things in a sort of variety of English: business English, science English, etc.
But the result is magnificent: we make possible to set communication among people from all over the world. We English language teachers build bridges among people, and what was an obstacle, English, becomes a bridge for communication between people, isn’t it great?
This also happens with Spanish: many people from America and from Europe, namely Spain can communicate in that marvelous language. We in our center have a new teacher from Chile and we teachers can talk with her in Spanish.
The human person only grows well if he’s in contact with other people, because man and woman only develop their potentials when living in a society, I mean with other people.
And the person is destined to love, with benevolence love.
So we already have that people have to live and work together, and they have been created for love of benevolence toward others. Love of benevolence is to wish what is good for other people.
Persons only develop their potentialities when living inside otherness.
And another consequence of this social contact and communication learned and acquired in school classes is that companies and corporations will be able to get in contact from different countries.
Think of another example of communication, which is so prominent here in Granada: tourism. Another example of communication we language teachers facilitate is academic relationships among students from different countries. All those communications are awesome and gratifying, no doubt about that.
So as to finish I will cite another example of the need to learn English and/or Spanish: globalization. Just think of it, because you know a lot about it! / Photo from: planting-tree una pagina un minuto wordpress com. The picture shows an example of communication, a nice one, between a grandfather and his grandson.
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