Thursday, October 6, 2016

3004. Our Students as Autonomous Learners!

We teachers teach our students, and we should present our school subject contents, okay.
But remember also that we teach our dear students for them to learn how to learn: our students would learn how to learn, how to become autonomous learners, how to wish to learn!
There’s a teaching methodology, which is called flipped classroom. You may have heard about it. Our students would search for the contents of our school subject – science, English, math, physical education, Christian roots of Western society, etc. – and also for the different topics or units of our syllabus.
Okay then. The students, on the next step, would present their results before the rest of their classmates, and these ones would learn from them.
However let’s remember we teachers, in my opinion, and I’ve been a teacher for a nice number of years, also should present topics ourselves, for example a grammar point, like the usage of present perfect in order to convey our experiences, in English, the target language.
These grammar points, as explained in the students’ mother language (Spanish) oughtn’t to take a lot of the time allotted to our school subject: I propose there should be a lot of immersion into English. The methodology I postulate is communication, communication, communication. Tomorrow I hope to tell you about massive reading in English and acquisition! / Photo from: PerthDiamondJubilee www cittaslow org uk. The picture is just a nice illustration.
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