Monday, October 10, 2016

3007. Communication among People!

My classes with my adult students began today. And it was okay.
I told them I’m going to teach them grammar also, which I will present in their and my own mother language, Spanish, as you may know.
Why grammar, if my methodology is communicative? You may ask me. Well, they need grammar, because it is like the skeleton of language, so also it is okay with communication amongst us.
Scholar Susana Pastor Cesteros convinced me that that presentation of grammar can mean a booster for later communication.
I’m giving you an example. Okay, you can row in a boat, but if you have sails and can count on winds, much better, right? We may have communication, but if they can use grammar learning, they can advance faster. Grammar presentation is like winds: my students can go faster.
Definitely I will present some grammar. As well some of my grown-ups demand rigor, and grammar can provide that rigor to our classes. This grammar presentation makes classes different from other past years, when I focused only on communication.
Grammar presentation definitely boosts communication, because we will use that grammar for exchange of information and communication amongst us. / Photo from: postman electronpencil com. Mail carriers carry communication among people.
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