Tuesday, October 25, 2016

3019. Grown-Ups in My Classes Are Great!

With my adult students we work out worksheets I hand out to them. And we take good advantage of them indeed!
I read them out, then they do so, I present the words they don’t understand, and which ones are new to them. Other exercises and activities we carry out are saying the meaning of words in English, or the other way round: I say the meanings and they give me the words, after we’ve read the worksheet several times and they have a clear scheme of that worksheet.
Also they summarize the worksheet and now yes, they translate Spanish expressions into English ones from the worksheet, so I ask them “How would you say… in English?”
The point is for my students to get a nice communicative competence. And this school year as well I’m presenting grammar points, also for a communicative purpose: they learn and/or revise ways of saying everyday things in English.
The classes, as you know are in English, tending to 99% in that marvelous language. The class-group should be small, say 8 to 11 students each class-group. 11 students is rather much, and 8 or so students is a nice number, for they can participate and contribute more often. The minimum number for nice communication in English would be 6 students.
I also teach them collateral lexis to the words of the topic the worksheets are about. In few words we work from worksheets I compose or texts from different books I copy. And remember the goal: communication, communication, communication. If you want to learn more about my classes, let me know. / Photo from: Dad-and-Daughter. A fantastic photo shot
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