Saturday, October 22, 2016

3017. Creativity from the Teacher and from the Students!

So I have written about immersion in English, the target language, and also about acquisition and not mere learning, this is, in other words: our students learn English, but as well they are acquiring it, in some way the same as infant children do when they learn their mother language.
However I’m presenting grammar points in my old students’ classes. Is that opposite and contrary to the valuable unaware acquisition?
Well think this way: grammar presentation – and grammar elicitation from my students – boosts communication in the classroom and out of the classroom, because this grammar gives them the tools and instruments for later communication in the classroom, both with me their teacher and with their classmates.
This grammar presentation boosts my students’ communicative competence and enhances it.
Moreover my students like to have this grammar presentation at classes: also because they can contribute with the knowledge they already have – they’re adults and have studied about all this. Alike I will present some grammar points they have never studied yet, because they pertain to a level of English which is higher than the one they have now.
Thus I would advise you to present grammar points in the classroom, if possible in the target language but if they do not understand you, then try in their mother language. / Photo from: MIT libraries. The picture is just an illustration for the post.
Something else I’d like to add is that I beg my students’ pardon if I inflicted some humiliation or the kind in classes during my first years as a teacher because I had scolded a student in public too much. I wouldn’t do same way now. I also regret from any faults I might have committed during those my first years of teaching.
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