Monday, October 17, 2016

3012. On Anxiety, Class Management and Tutoring Sessions

When I was making part of my doctoral dissertation some years ago I came across one topic which was students’ anxiety – I didn’t finish my doctoral dissertation but I wrote a book on its topic: Success at teaching English as a foreign language, and that theme in some way has been developed along this blog.
Students may suffer anxiety.
However during my first years at teaching young students I didn’t find any anxiety case or there was not much anxiety among them, my students: they were okay at my classes, and at other teachers’ classes too.
Before I forget it I would advise you not to shout at your students: they can get so scared. Some, little very little shouting can be okay at certain moments, even it can be something educative, but very very very little shouting.
What I did find among some students was a bit of bullying, but thank God at our school we had tutoring sessions with our students and they could give vents to their sorrows and pains, and joys too!
Sometimes letting other people learn about our joys is pretty necessary!
I could write on bullying on another day.
Something else I could now tell you: when coming from today’s classes I thought that we teachers could let get ourselves influenced by our students’ chatting in the class, and we teachers could teach among noises.
I’ve told you about class management for long, and now I would tell you just to get silent when your students are talking among them: sometimes it’s okay with just staring at them, and they will start to be quiet because of your silence and waiting for you to go on – silence may be so eloquent! / Photo from: 2016 www formula1 com. The picture is just a nice illustration but I have comrades and students that like Formula 1 so much.
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