Wednesday, October 5, 2016

3003. Do You Plan Your Lessons?

I don’t know about you but I prefer to plan lessons at some peaceful moment I may have.
I don’t know if you plan your classes at all – maybe you did so at the beginning of your career, but since all I see in TeacherLingo’s website you all prefer to have nice material and lesson plans, right? That’s fine. What I wanted to say today is that planning lessons seems sound, and we can’t expect an ideal moment to plan those classes, as you can reckon.
Sometimes, along all history, great books have been written at unpleasant situations, like on the hump of a camel while riding. It’s true that many grand books of humankind’s history have been written at peaceful and inspiring places, but we teachers will have to take advantage of any more or less easy time we may have to then plan our lessons.
Planning lessons can also be carried out, let’s say, from ample view angles, like while walking, and as I said, then thinking from a wider or more ample view: What can I expect from kids that age? What can they bear as fruits according to my teaching style and their learning styles? What ideals can they have, as young people they are?
Remember youngsters are prone to have ideals. Otherwise you may think about their thirst for the genuine – the way they dress for instance, coming to the head of the matter, shows their desire for what’s genuine: they wish to dress different from their parents and adults in general, don’t they?
So as to finish, and also about lesson planning, remember what I said yesterday, about the thing of keeping a diary: we can try to scribble or write down ideas that come to mind about activities which would match our students’ way of being or activities that just would be interesting to implement for them, for the specific students we have opposite us in the classroom. / Photo from: bicycletimesmag com. The picture is just a nice illustration, but it might be showing a teen, like our students.
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