Thursday, October 27, 2016

3020. Helping Become Happy!

I’m translating the following assertion into English: “La singularidad supone ayudar a cada persona a ser consciente de sus posibilidades y limitaciones: ayudar a conocerse para ayudar a aceptarse.”
We teachers don’t just teach math or English but also educate our dear students.
I saw that statement some few days ago in a book magazine-catalog-newsletter, and it sounded okay with me. In English it would read something like “A person’s uniqueness brings about and implies to help him or her be aware of his or her strong points and limitations alike: education is to help know yourself and so to help accept yourself as you are.”
If a person accepts the way he or she is, that person more likely will be able to be happy.
And we teachers here can do and make a lot. This personalization has to be so, person by person, and we ought to have individual tutoring sessions at school, with each and every student, better if male teachers help boys and female teachers assist girls.
We teachers have to contribute to foster and boost our students’ personality, I mean the good things they have, which can be many and very positive ones. But all this according to their parents, so we should also have tutoring sessions with them, as frequent as possible, maybe every month or every two months! / Photo from: fall rainy day www pinterest com. the picture is a nice illustration for the blog
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