Tuesday, October 18, 2016

3013. Contact with Beautiful Literature at the Classroom

For some people in Spain English is an obstacle for communication with other people, although more and more people are learning English now.
So it’s an obstacle to connect with other people; well then, for us English language teachers and for our students it is a bridge! And this is more and more, according they are progressing in their communicative competence of that language.
In our classrooms English is a link between students and the teacher and among students. The more they acquire and learn this communicative competence the more we can make up an atmosphere where that language is a vehicle for communication, both at the school subjects of English and maybe at another school subject like history, science…
Many people here can’t read a novel in English, but our students are winning that capability and skill. Let’s allow them read and enjoy the marvelous stories novels can show. Let’s not be so boring so as to work out the reading activity that much: enjoying the story can be better than too much focusing on grammar, vocabulary, specific lexis, error and mistake correction.
Let’s give our students the instruments to understand and enjoy reading those stories. Classics, for example in abridged and simplified versions can open a very educative scenario of human values and virtues: courage, endurance, love, generosity, sincerity, friendship, patriotism, working hard, order. / Photo from: car53. The photo shows a real WWI ambulance. Some stories can take place at a warfare scenario.
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