Wednesday, October 19, 2016

3014. Is A Movie An Interesting Topic to Investigate?

I’ve already written about the “flipped classroom”, and you may know about that new interesting way of learning.
Instead of the traditional way of teacher teaching and presenting the contents of classes, the students would get the information from the Internet, encyclopedias, books, surroundings and thereabouts, from people that know about the specific contents, etc.
Is then the teacher an unimportant person? Not at all! The teacher could filter the information that is meaningful, really interesting and relevant. Also he would lead up the way to the convenient sources and would in some way help find the best contents for the unit or topic.
The teacher keeps being of a paramount importance! He also provides a critical eye: he can tell about the relevance or not of some specific sources.
The class is then a working group or team, together with their dear teacher. This latter one can set the student working teams or they all can discuss in the classroom how to make up the groups. Then the teacher would act as a moderator – otherwise the class students could be discussing about how to make up the teams for a never ending long time.
As well the teacher would organize and run the group turns: when the different teams would present their topic and material. I guess it’s an interesting way of learning but I’d like to have more feedback from real classes which are working that way. You may have heard of this learning style and have more knowledge than me, or even can be working that way! / Photo from: charles chaplin in love with blind girl City Lights 1931 movie. Could a single film be an interesting topic or theme to investigate about? Think of it! Maybe something more ample and broad?
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