Tuesday, October 11, 2016

3008. Why Not Writing a School Magazine!

A great idea may be to have a school magazine. And it is so motivating for the students to collaborate with contributions in the languages they’re learning, for instance English, French and German.
And you teacher can correct very few errors or mistakes, so as to publish articles they actually composed. All this is very motivating, because the students obviously like to have their articles or contributions published. The students could send you their articles, just-for-fun jokes, curiosities, insights, science articles, sports like the school soccer league, pastimes, etc.
Some of the school parents can contribute to the expenses of the issuing by means of their corporation ads.
I’ve carried out this activity with other teachers in my previous school and I can assure you it’s a grand thing.
Even we could use the magazine for class activities, starting with just reading and saying the errors and mistakes they can see out loud. Over time they, the students, become more and more eager to participate, and maybe you’ll have to make a selection of contributions, or even a group of them could make the selection!
Talk with other teachers to carry out this enterprise, and try to publish for example three times a school year, or more… It is a very positive activity and the students can see that what they’re learning is meaningful and useful, so they’ll try to learn more, and they’ll learn from their own errors and mistakes. Just start, together with another teacher: the main thing is to get started! / Photo from: tour de france 2011 stage 15 www cyclingweekly co uk. The students can write about current news.
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