Tuesday, October 4, 2016

3002. To Keep A Diary

Something that can be useful for us teachers is to keep a diary, yes you’ve read well.
Not only will we write dates and events, but also we could write about teaching insights, for later moments to go back to the diary to refresh those nice ideas.
Also learners can find helpful to write a diary, but here on this post I wanted to focus on us teachers and educators.
So we can write ideas we can have about teaching, other teachers’ insights and ideas, things that happen, topics for presenting to our students, exams dates, even bright ideas from wise people. Some other times you can write down ideas which come to mind or things you listen to at a lecture, or from teachers’ blogs and websites.
Thus to have a sheet of paper or a diary at hand can prove to be a clever idea. Most of the ideas I write in this blog have appeared on my own diary; otherwise I couldn’t have written so much so far. / Photo from: www stocksy com. The picture today is just a nice illustration
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