Friday, October 7, 2016

3005. Learning as Something Beautiful

I’ve told you that we can learn English (the target language), and also we can acquire it; let’s say, learn it in an unaware way, like infants do.
Okay, then I can tell you that when we are reading a novel massively, page after page we can be acquiring the language in an aware way: we acquire the words, idioms, ways of saying things in English. It has happened to me, and may happen to anybody!
And those words and expressions will come up inadvertently whenever we need them to express our ideas. As well we can be acquiring English when we are listening massively to music, to speaking by native speakers, watching a DVD, listening to a website, etc. And all that although we may be adults.
At that time, at those moments we’re learning as infants do, or at least in a similar way.
All this about learning and acquiring a language, like English, is a nice thing: always learning and acquiring a language is something beautiful, and you’ll like it more and more!
And all that learning and acquiring will lead you to be able to communicate with other people, and it will connect people to one another! / Photo from: russell-westbrook-2016-nba-all-star-game www marketingdelosdeportes com. the picture is just a nice illustration
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