Friday, October 21, 2016

3016. Immersion Now!

Sometimes at classes when I realize I’m speaking in Spanish, our common native language I shift into English again, because I intend to create a nice atmosphere where English is the vehicle for discussions and communication in general.
Today one of my students took his turn and spoke in English for a lot, about two texts from a worksheet I’ve handed them out, number 195 already.
It has two texts, one about family relations and another one about the rise of the bicycle in the 1890s. Two very interesting texts, with a nice number of points for discussion. One is B1 and the second is C1, to provide material both for low-achievers and high-achievers too.
So when I am aware I’m speaking in Spanish I beg their pardon and change back into English, our target language.
If I produce a lot of output in that language I give my students chances and opportunities of acquiring English and not only learning it.
And all that with a smile, maybe a small laugh and a bit of sense of humor, good things for the lubricating of the class.
The point, remember is to create immersion into English, and it turns out fine. Awesome, I mean from my students. At present I teach adults but I hope I will teach kids pretty soon as well. / Photo from: Steps-To-Fly-A-Kite-With-Your-Kid. The photo is just a nice illustration, isn’t it?
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