Thursday, October 13, 2016

3009. How to Get Feedback from Our Dear Students

So we’ve seen that in our English-language classes we should have immersion, and an atmosphere of immersion and communication in English, our target language, even right before the class, when you arrive at the classroom.
So immersion, okay… but they, the students should understand us teachers… How!? Explain well: utilize the whiteboard or chalkboard or smartboard,
give your students examples of what you’re teaching and saying,
get feedback from them,
ask them,
get feedback from facial expressions, so as to check out if they’re understanding you,
speak clearly,
stop to clear up doubts and questions,
use graphic material,
project material on the wall from your computer,
speak clearly,
use cognates or similar words both in L1 and the target language,
use drawings or diagrams,
one student can explain what we’re saying in his own words,
ask them if they have any question, etc. Make sure they can follow you, maybe not all but a sensible and sound quantity from your speech. So remember to get feedback from your students! I’m writing about grown-up students but the same, even more, in the case of kids could be said! / Photo from: african-children-playing-football www artsmarthauxcombat com. The picture is just an illustration.
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