Saturday, October 29, 2016

3022. We'd appreciate politeness from our students, right?

When our students are honest and think correctly, or they’re adults, if there’s some lack of discipline and they for example talk when their teacher’s talking, we can gain their discipline by talking about their chatting, about that precise bad habit, and so we’ll make them think.
We can ask them what they think is better, as I said, when their teacher’s speaking. Sometimes the habit of keeping quiet demands a repetition of actions. That repetition of actions create a habit. A habit is gained and acquired when the students repeat actions.
The teacher has to respect his students, and that’s fine, but our students have also to learn to respect their teacher. In this process of acquiring politeness the repetition of actions shows they’re of a paramount importance.
The students have to learn to respect adults and as well for instance when they’re in the subway or a bus and there’s a venerable old person they have to offer their seat to that person.
They are politeness habits that are basic and everybody should learn to keep. It’s something we can appreciate a great deal. Another example is for a technician, when he comes to our house to fix something, we would appreciate he be polite, wouldn’t we? / Photo from: Autumn-September 2014-Ontario www plus google com. the picture’s just an illustration
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