3327. Please, Tell Me a Story!

What to do when you have to teach basic English to grown-ups?
Because you may have to teach basic things and deal with basic vocabulary sets, and all that may be kind of childish, right?
One option is to turn into their mother language and exploit those sets of lexis in a more adult-like way. But you may feel like you should say all in English, the target language...
Well, we could ask them questions about those words, in a basic-format way. Also I can tell you that in my case my adult learners don’t feel lessons are childish. I’m referring to basic-English classes.
It’s up to the sort of activities we implement.
As well I could tell you that quite many of those students attend the following class, which is more advanced level, and in these latter lessons for example I hand out worksheets that contain deeper-content texts: stories I make up, articles on various topics, like history, inventions, science, psychology…
Furthermore today many a textbook have interesting topics, which are catchy, and at the same time respectful toward people and their dignity as human persons. / Photo from: Postmen from more than 100 Years Ago Vintage Everyday


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