3335. Affection Is Necessary!

More often than not there’re some few cases of conflictive kids in Spain, not only at school but also at home.
By no means do I intend to be negative anyway. Because we can appreciate many cases of kids that are being educated nice, in our classrooms.
Coming back to the first cases, some days ago I read on the paper that a psychologist has recently said that we have to educate those problematic kids to be generous, with solidarity and concerned about other people. In a word they must learn to help other people.
Otherwise they’re going to be tyrants.
And I was thinking of our classrooms. Thank God our kids conduct in some nice way, and when there’re problems, these ones are minimized thanks to tutoring sessions, where those kids can give vents to their problems, for example at home. But remember, also we have problems.
I remember there was a summer course in a school where the kids lived. It was a program to train them for their examinations and to become better students. I’m referring to a boys’ case.
Some of the students were problematic and discipline was severe, quite much. Well, the kids were going through severe conditions in some way.
And they didn’t know tutoring sessions. When they discovered those conversations, with a teacher of great value, they in the end could appreciate they had a chance to open their minds and souls, to those adults in charge of those conversations.
It was a relief they could count on those conversations: maybe nobody could have given them chances to open their souls in a friendly way: they had an adult to tell them their troubles and problems, and they improved pretty much, yes sir, they did. / Photo from: mejores-icebergs-mundo-planeta-groenlandia. The picture is just one appropriate to winter in the north hemisphere of our earth…


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