3332. The Amazing Force of Work Well Done!

I know you’re committed teachers, and good ones too.
We must know that work that is carried out well has a special force. Sooner or later this work and this force stand out among our students and that work is respected or will be so, sooner or later, I’d say. Even though we may have disruptive students, which is the case for many teachers in Spain.
I’m referring to secondary education, mainly. Even there has been violence in some high school centers. Recently. I’m thinking of a specific school here in the province of Granada. Even there has been some case of maltreating teachers, but in the end peace has arrived.
The thing happened among very few students of that center. It was something exceptional and unusual anyway.
And yesterday or few days ago I read on the paper that at another school from Spain the students are performing some drama plays, in order to stop bullying.
Thus the students become more roped in the center routines. That’s another example of work well done, and not only among teachers but also among the students themselves. / Photo from: legionario-romano CEIP Juan Pasquau. This work about Roman soldiers has been carried out by a team of teachers and students from a primary school also from Spain, and it’s so great!


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