3328. Are Our Students Free and Happy?

A good friend of mine says he feels very free when he obeys.
His option is listening and obeying to what he’s told to do – or suggested to do – by somebody superior. Freedom and obedience are not confronted.
That also happens with our students: they may prefer and opt for obeying. Even in anthropological terms the person who decides to obey is the one that may be the freest.
And all that is completely related to our students’ initiatives. We have to let our students ultimately be free. It’s the only way we can use to educate them in a thorough way.
One school principal made me think once when he told me something like I had to have my students silent and attentive but I should let them be free ultimately.
Young people – alike as older ones – develop, better and improve themselves as persons when they’re free, and as well when they’re free to obey. / Photo from: ThoughtCo. Kids and teens may get a superior education through reading adequate books! They can enrich them a great deal!


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