3331. The Best Learners Ever!

Who is the learner who succeeds? The one that has a special view of his own learning.
For example a learner of a second or foreign language that succeeds is that person that is a powerful motor of his own learning.
Also that learner or student finds his own pathway to success. That person will have a special tone that he really wishes to learn.
He doesn’t just trust all in his teacher and in his textbook or iPad. But he applies the techniques and ways of learning that show he can learn.
By the way, he trusts in himself. Otherwise he will never learn, or he will a little, just a little.
Good students are the ones that believe in themselves and apply all the artillery of their own ways of learning or learning strategies. Furthermore they gain the best ways of learning from their classmates too: they also learn from their classmates, better if the teacher – like you, like me! – extracts the best of those techniques in the classroom, and brings them out.
/ Photo from: Stephen Curry YouTube. We have to learn to learn from other learners! From other “players”!


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