3345. You May Be an Awesome Teacher Too!

What is the ideal teacher like?
I can tell you about the foreign or second language teacher. He’s an actor, a performer, a prudent showman, a prompter, an assessor, a resource fountain, a presenter, a speaker, a bit of some prudent clown, a serious judge too.
He animates his class of students, he encourages them, he directs and conducts his dear students like an orchestra conductor, who knows when he has to extract the best from his pupils.
He holds his students at odd and negative dire straits, even he sings –at college I had a professor that explained Anglo-Saxon history and culture by singing when it was appropriate for presenting either the African-American slaves at plantations or other characters I don’t remember now.
He was Welsh and sang pretty good. His name is Michael Gronow, from Wales, like I said. Where might he be now?
He was my teacher at Seville, south of Spain, and I was studying English philology: literature, linguistics, history, geography… He was awesome! And we learned quite much from him. Some nice recalling for him from this blog. / Photo from: Tintin Writeups org. Another illustration from great Tintin.


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