3340. How to Get Your Students Enthused

If the teacher has confidence in his method he will likely teach fine.
Otherwise unless he trusts in his teaching way… more likely he will feel frustrated plus his teaching will not be efficient.
In order to find a nice teaching method the teacher has to educate himself at teaching, by maybe studying at college and reading many a website and/or a book on teaching.
This is what I’ve done and I can confess it helps me big!
Let’s go back to that teacher. As a result of all that said also his students will likely learn quite much. And the teacher will pass on and transmit his enthusiasm about teaching in this or that way.
Enthusiasm is something that is contagious, sooner or later. No enthusiasm, no nice teaching.
Well, you may not feel enthusiasm right now but the overall teaching way will ‘infect’ your students positively.
If the teacher trusts in his method he will teach with authority and enthusiasm, more often than not. This idea has been partially taken from Jeremy Harmer.
And his students will also correspond to that enthusiasm from their teacher. And they will adhere to that method. So both the teacher and the students will embark in that method and will have success at teaching and learning respectively. / Photo from: The_Wild_Geese_Restaurant_Adare_Ireland. Ireland once again…


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