3339. Teachers that Motivate Their Students

Kids and adults learn if they’re motivated.
Motivated in this or that way, but motivated anyway. And we teachers can do a great deal to have our students motivated.
If those people, either kids or adults, can see you their teacher have a lot of enthusiasm about your teaching, you’ll get your students highly motivated.
I have seen it. I have seen that teachers that are enthused in this or that way they draw their students to high standards of learning. I have seen teachers that take their work so seriously that they transmit and pass on the like for their school subject: math, history, English as a foreign language, religion, sports, science, economics…
Motivation among students has a lot to do with their teacher’s attitude to teaching and learning, according to Jeremy Harmer.
Well, you the teacher may somehow be not very enthused now about your teaching, but ultimately and if you carry out your work in a fine way and improving every single day, you will get your students motivated. / Photo from: ireland Viator com. Another view of adorable Ireland.


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