3333. What Our Main Concern Should Be

All we as teachers do every day should help us ourselves teach better.
The teacher’s first concern should be himself. He should be ready for the best possible teaching ever. Combining a relaxed and sanely tense way.
He should never become lukewarm nor tepid. For that purpose he should be all the time recycling himself as a teacher. He will teach with love - love of benevolence, seeking what's better for his students.
All this can be carried out with God's help and for love to Him. In that way nothing will be lost. Our effort will not be lost.
He should turn to teaching sources and resources. He should read and learn continuously. And that to avoid becoming tepid or lukewarm, as I said.
He should also treat his students as gently as he can. Gently but not in a silly way. Thus he will respect his students when treating them.
His main concern or first one will be himself. He has to recycle his teaching methods all the time: he will keep what turns out fine and remove what’s wrong. And will read from other teachers.
As well he should be kind and attentive to his colleagues.
Something I was taught when teaching kids in Jaén, south of Spain, was that I had to have some preference: the order of being concerned about was parents and families, then teachers, and then students.
If you keep that order, you will find things easier. And more productive. And more in accordance to human dignity.
So let’s remember that we work with people, with persons: we must be exquisite and delicate to those people we work with. With nothing silly.
In that way the teacher will be projecting a cone of light along years: his work will be an affirmation that shows in the people he works with: he thus will contribute to forming and educating people in a thorough, human and humane way. / Photo from: rain_day-web tobifairley com


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