3336. I Keep On Being Optimistic!

Yesterday I told you that we had problems with some kids at the school I worked at, some years ago.
But I was optimistic anyway and I am so today too.
We had tutoring sessions with each kid, and those conversations were great often, more often than not. We could help out each kid and his family alike, at other tutoring sessions with these later ones too.
So let’s put in a kid’s shoes: You have an adult that teaches you and has time to dedicate to listening to you! He’s sitting with you to just listen to you! Well and he can give you great and useful advice.
He does know kids and their world, their anxieties and expectations, their concerns and joys. He can give you advice about those subjects you may have problems with: math, science, literature, economics… Even he can tell other teachers about you if you wish. He gets to know kids or he tries hard.
That’s simply great.
Those conversations took place every two weeks, maybe three, depending on the number of students you had in charge. Also those tutorials were a nexus between the kid and his parents.
Anyway my optimism also has another great and firm basement: God and his tenderness with their children – all of us are his children. / Photo from: green_ireland Interrail eu. I do like Ireland, like you all may know…


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