3341. Schools Need Flexible Teachers!

The teacher must be a mature personality, young he may be though.
He’s in charge of a class or some classes of students, and he has to find out if they’re demotivated and in need of encouraging.
He doesn’t depend too much on his staff and the principal. He has been put in charge of those classes and does what’s best for those people.
Also he can realize what feelings his students may be experiencing when teaching them. In some way or in much way that teacher is autonomous: he seeks the best for his students.
He dedicates and devotes enough time to lesson planning with his students in mind, that is, real people with real needs. As I said he has been put in charge of some people and takes care of them, with love of benevolence, which means to seek what’s good and appropriate for those learners.
He’s mature enough to take the pulse to his students at any moment: he does not confine to just teaching and getting away when finishing the class; even he might stay with his students for longer, by talking with them. / Photo from: Computer Realm


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