Monday, February 26, 2018

3344. Creating a Nice Atmosphere in the Classroom

So we teachers must create immersion in the target language in the classroom. But I do use our common mother language too! With some of the groups! The ones with lower level of English (the target language).
Am I doing wrong?
Maybe the key thing is creating an atmosphere where English is widely used and the students are exposed to that marvelous tongue.
THERE IS immersion in the target language, indeed. However I’m forced to use Spanish (L1) sometimes – otherwise there would be miscommunication.
Besides, for my students to acquire English I have to provide ample input in English, and to clarify some point, some isolated one I might use L1. Do you colleagues agree with me? What do you think?
Summing up: there will be immersion in English, though I might turn to Spanish to catapult communication in the classroom. Definitely I’m using Spanish rather little, and that seems okay, right? And all this only for the lower leveled classes. / Photo from: Tintin bedetheque com. Some people learn and acquire a foreign language through novels and comics too. I had fun with Tintin when I was a kid.
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