3334. Motivating in a Positive Way Is Great!

The teacher has to encourage his students always.
He must be encouraging. And should accept all the replies and answers from his students that are okay.
Sometimes we could be too demanding, and that’s not correct I think. This is compatible with being accurately and adequately demanding. If we can exact and demand a lot from our students, let’s do in that way: we would be dull and torpid if we didn’t demand what is correct from them.
If we can obtain four from them we should not demand only one.
Where is the exact measure? That depends on the teacher’s discernment. And that discernment is gotten over time, with experience, with advice from other veteran teachers.
The school should run talks and workshops from time to time to educate his dear teachers. I’ve known this and I think it’s the correct thing to do.
So we must be encouraging and accept what our students can give. If we accept their answers and replies – because they’re right – let’s conduct in that way: we’ll be educating our dear students with positive motivation: we can get more with some nice word than with thousand reprimanding actions in a harsh way.
And that’s also compatible with correcting our students when necessary. / Photo from: Saint Petersburg in Russia   Pakistan Community. People say that city is magnificent and very beautiful!


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