3342. Have a Nice Break, Teachers!

The weekend.
Nice for resting and relaxing and staying with your family. And friends alike. I know you also pray for your students and their families alike. And that’s pretty good from you!
Also you may be planning some lesson or lessons today Saturday. And that may be equally good from you.
Yet remember to dedicate enough time for resting: we have a long way yet to the end of the school year.
Every school year for me is kind of shorter. Days pass away fast, or rather fast. And the same for weeks, and for months, and February is shorter!
We have to make good use of time. For helping our students out and serving them with our nice job as teachers.
When I think of the time I have until I’ll retire and look backward… Time flies, man!
I don’t want this post be unsubstantial: coming to the head: have some resting with your people and bear your students in mind, so as to face next week with more enthusiasm than ever before. Have a nice weekend, teachers!
And remember that we are leaving a trail to our students: Blaze a trail! / Photo from: j80-sport-sailing-head Touristticket. The pic is just a beautiful illustration.


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