3330. On How to Get Better Pronunciation

Reading aloud. Just reading aloud. It helps our students get better pronunciation, if we’re teaching a second or foreign language.
First we the teachers can mold the sentences by reading ourselves aloud. And then we can have our learners read out, one by one.
This latter thing is something we used to do when we were training to achieve the C2 level of English, and we weren’t beginners! That level is the highest one, within the Common European Framework. I prepared myself for that level at University of Granada, south of Spain.
If you want to accomplish a good pronunciation of English, you have to read texts out for rather long.
And as I said the teacher can firstly mold the sentences by reading himself.
Concerning pronunciation I’d say that the first goal is trying our students would gain a clear pronunciation: they should be understood, first of all, then we can have them improve their pronunciation.
H. D. Brown, an American expert at learning languages, used to say that it’s fine if we try to imitate native speakers. We can reach far at this point, more than you can expect maybe! / Photo from: teaching english in global contexts Charleton University


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