3338. How to Face a New Week in a Nice Way

I know you committed and concerned teachers are even excited at teaching.
And as well I know that you seek more than just teaching math, science, history, law, economics, religion, sports… I guess you every morning rise with the desire of teaching your kids or adults.
Well maybe that’s not the first thought that comes to mind early in the morning but you wish to teach those knowledge areas in a fine way. Is that so, is that correct?
And also you seek to educate men and women that are upright and honorable citizens. Even more you seek to educate leaders, right?
I also think all these ideas are okay to start a new week, a new work week tomorrow morning.
Oh, we should also remember and bear in mind that the first way to educate those kids and adults is by setting a nice example.
So let’s try to teach and educate with the best way ever, better than yesterday but less good than tomorrow: every single day we must recycle and try and teach with human perfectness or perfection. And even we try to jump over everyday obstacles...
A nice and happy week, my dear colleagues! / Photo from: best-magazines-for-children Sonny Kalsi


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