3337. Teachers that Are Doing Great!

Some days ago I wrote, “The teacher’s creativity. He’s the main source and resource. He knows the kids at hand and knows what’s better for them. As the best musical instrument is the voice, the best resource is himself.”
And I have little else to say today.
Most teachers have some great and nice creativity, and can give their classes a nice touch of creativity. At least I’ve seen this in most of the teachers I’ve come across.
They’re simply great. It may be worth to stop to talk with each one of them! Teachers, you’re doing great! Congratulations!
I try and not be naïve anyway: some (rather few) teachers use their yellowish notes over and over, but like I said, most of the teachers I’ve come across are creative and concerned about their students’ learning processes. / Photo from: La-Dehesa-de-la-Villa Parques de Madrid. I posted a beautiful picture.


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