Thursday, June 1, 2017

3200. Some Relaxing Now?

Oh, you know, it turned out maybe too serious but I mean it: We teachers are not alone in our daily struggle to teach our students. Among other reasons we can count on the Other, God, and his only beloved Son Jesus Christ. We call this latter the Master, the Teacher, and He’s true God and true man. He can help us.
Well you know, I thought it be right to tell about this point. We aren’t alone and I could tell you fine things about their help. I wish you all a nice break at summer, if you’re at the north hemisphere of the earth. You all need resting and relaxing.
Yesterday I taught my last lesson of the winter season and now I focus on this nice summer. For instance I’ll be assisting at a summer English camp July 18 through 31. I’ll be the link or bridge between the monitor staff and the brilliant English-language native teachers.
By the way and before I forget it: what I wrote about turning to Jesus Christ for help may look too serious a thing or kinda that, like I said, but for me it is an everyday thing.
We may have finished our school year or may be about to finish. I’d advise you to write a simple, useful though report about this school year: on the spot what turned out fine about your lessons, what you want to keep, possible activities you’d like to implement at fall, what turned out dreadful maybe, all on a paper sheet – it’s kind of a summary, besides the one your principal or department head may ask you to make up. So brief I mean it because it must be a useful and helpful thing for you and not something obliged you’ve got to make. Got it? At your entire disposal, my dear colleagues! / Photo from: trekking Radio Zero

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