Friday, June 30, 2017

3224. At the Summer Break!

Teaching. Something great. I like it. It is a call or vocation, or at least we say so in Spanish.
I have a summer camp for boys in a few days. I’ll be the link between the teachers and the rest of the monitors and staff.
Teaching as something pretty great, I was saying. The boys’ lives and biographies are in my hands. I will try to teach them how to be men, thorough ones. I pray for them, their families and my mission. I’ll also be having interviews and tutorials in English with those kids. Because it is an English camp. I’ve been there since 1991, with some stops in between. At the same school, in Spanish Costa del Sol.
But you Americans and other readers seek pragmatic and practical stuff, right? Okay then, I’m saying that because of my function at that camp I’ve got to combine being serious with those boys plus smiling and being, how do you say it? Nice and kind. Those are the words. Nice and kind.
And as well I have got to plan the excursion to Gibraltar, because I guess also this year we’re going there. The kids could practice their English with the store assistants, but the thing is that they also speak Spanish perfectly. For those of you who don’t know it, Gibraltar is kind of a colony or protectorate which is British, although it is placed in Spain, or what Spain was until the 18th century. And right opposite Africa.
We’ll be shopping and getting something for their families when back home. For me also it’s a nice place because there are bookshops with plenty of books in English! Maybe I’ll get something by great old Dickens. I’ll let you know about this nice English camp. / Photo from: 400_1186714365_futbol fondosgratis com mx. The picture is just an illustration: we do massive sport at that camp and soccer is the king of sports among kids.

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