Wednesday, June 21, 2017

3216. Staying Easy before Exams!

A second or foreign language teacher can become mad as a hatter regarding getting communication in that language in the classroom, but let’s consider that we’re referring to communication among people, among persons.
We have to take care of that communication: we have to treat people in a nice way, in a human and humane way: our communication must have human nicety.
For that language teacher it is paramount to create communication in the classroom, but he should consider that he’s creating communication for real people.
For example beside drills and other exercises he should communicate in English – the target language – for the actual conducting and leading the lesson. In other words he should give announcements in that language. For his students to understand him he should explain with rather massive language, until he considers his students understood him well.
For example if I was to implement exams or tests next school year I should explain it clearly to my dear students. In case I had the purpose of introducing exams I should set clear that those tests would be for me to learn about their progress and not much else, and also for them my students to also learn how they’re advancing and progressing.
You may remember I have senior students, and all of them deserve very positive grades, because of their perseverance, their attending the lessons and all the effort they invest in a pleasant and free way. About those exams or tests I don’t know yet if I’m going to apply them or not. In any case it should be for their beneficial learning: they should stay easy because those tests will not infer they’ll have to do much more than they have been doing this far. Those exams will not be traumatic at all. / Photo from: hang-gliding-in-sikkim1 Trekking in Sikkin. The picture is a nice illustration.

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