Tuesday, June 27, 2017

3220. You Committed Teachers Are Great!

The efficient teacher… is not born, he’s a self-made man – plus the help he has received from his colleagues.
He is able to make his students work and learn nice. He knows how to motivate them. And his students respect and love him, ultimately. He knows how to set a nice discipline in the classroom.
But sometimes there are behavior problems – well, remember his students are kids, maybe adolescents, which means “they lack maturity yet”. When he has to apply some punishment, some nice punishment, it isn’t a revenge claim but something fair, and directed to make those teens grow and mature.
He’s an expert at his knowledge area, and he achieves to present his knowledge within an ampler view of things, useful to his students for life.
He’s a guy that thinks of his students, about what’s good to them. Because of that his students appreciate the care he dispenses and gives to them. He plans his lessons, each and every one, and his students recognize that work and appreciate it, ultimately.
He has potestas but also auctoritas, because he has gotten this latter one for his nice attention to those kids.
Potestas is when you exert your power as a teacher in order to manage the classroom, but auctoritas, as ancient scholars put, is the one you gain over time, the authority, by using another word. And potestas is power, rather a dry and stiff one, which must be accompanied with authority, so as to accomplish something human and humane. And educative. Remember he works with people, with persons, and not with screws – I have nothing against technicians. / Photo from:  blind-pilot_jpg-900x540 Sunday Post. The picture is a nice illustration.

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