Thursday, June 22, 2017

3217. Teachers Working Together like a Fist!

I usually write about what we teachers can do in the classroom, and that seems okay, right? But we should also consider we are not alone before our nice hard-though work.
We can count on other colleagues and companions. I do know there can be teachers who hinder and trip up other colleagues, but as well I know we can count on others for fulfilling our nice work. Also we often can count on the department head.
I could tell you about when I was starting my career as a teacher: I could count on the teacher head, the principal, one foreign language coordinator we had, some colleagues with more experience: had I listened to them more carefully, I would have improved much better.
Alike we always can count on the Other, on God himself. I could also tell you about this point, only if my experience were not so personal and interior. With our companions and with God we can reach farther. Remember we are not alone at school. We can count on our comrades. Hopefully!
We together can reach and go farther. I’d also tell you something if you’re the department head: take care of your workers and listen to them and guess what they might be suffering, above all at somebody’s starting career. I had a friend and colleague that told me: the first school year you suffer a lot, less the second year, and things may go fine in the third year. The thing took me longer than merely three years anyway.
And now if you’re a simple teacher and you’ve got a department head: don’t confine to silence if you think you have some idea(s) you think they could improve the school or the lessons: do not shut up and remember a teacher’s success often depends on a team work!
Oh, and remember to turn to your Father God, both if there’s a school chapel or not. Remember also that He has a never-ending love like all dads and moms together, and even more, limitless. He’s always close to you. / Photo from: NYC gov. The picture may show a tender and affectionate love a dad has to his baby, like God’s one to each of us.

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