Thursday, June 8, 2017

3207. Just Autonomous Learners!

Would you like to have autonomous learners? That’s great, indeed.
What’s more, only if we pass on the learning wish to our students we will be able to have them learning, really and actually. If our students apply learning strategies, they for sure will learn. The point is to have them self-direct their actual learning process. In that way they’ll be more aware they’re learning.
The students may reach the point of regulating, planning and assessing their own learning. More specific and concrete: they make up a schedule for studying and working, they exact themselves the fulfilling of that schedule, they ask themselves if they learned what was taught by us teachers.
They also know how to correct their activities, how to prepare and train themselves for exams, some basic techniques of studying and learning, how to plan their work for vacations and weekends. In that way they are not so dependent on their teacher, who is not longer the only motor of the learning: they learn because they really wish to.
They as well know how to control their learning process and they find out if they have to reinforce such or such point. In few words they mature. And we want mature students, according to their age, don’t we? Even they’re happier because they can see their effort has results. They have power over their mind and thinking process. Good students are the ones they know they’re good. / Photo from: American-Rails com. Our students become like their own locomotives!

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