Saturday, June 10, 2017

3209. On an Enthused Teacher

The enthused teacher who teaches with enthusiasm makes what he teaches into something easier to learn.
He will pass on and transmit that enthusiasm to his dear students. I’ve seen this in various occasions. If he’s a second or foreign language teacher he will make his dear students will also love English (the foreign language) and learning it. And not only learning but also unaware acquiring.
Even his students will in some way look forward to having that lesson, or at least they will enjoy that lesson. And as well he will have fewer behavior problems: he passes on his enthusiasm for learning to those kids.
Even he can be learning that language. And from his experience at learning he will be giving clues and hints to his students for them to learn and acquire the taught tongue.
And the other way round: if the teacher dislikes his school subject and he’s in the classroom as a convict sent to row in the sea, like the slaves who were enrolled in large ships to row as a punishment, he will have more difficulties to teach his subject.
We could have a teacher who has to teach something he doesn’t like, but he can invest nice efforts at teaching and over time, with time passing, he will like his assigned subject more and more. And this latter case is honorable and worth to praise. He will also pass on his growing enthusiasm to his students. / Photo from: De-dónde-proviene-el-término-‘chusma’-con-el-que-se-denomina-a-la-gente-vulgar

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