Saturday, June 3, 2017

3203. How to Become a Competent Teacher

The teacher has to be a leader, a leader of the class. Otherwise he cannot influence positively on his students. A leader manages the class nice. Even more: I remember a teacher that said that a class or a classroom with students doesn’t have to be managed. You can manage objects but not students properly, that is: people, persons.
No one can give what he doesn’t have. Because of that a teacher should be ornamented or equipped with good habits and virtues. In that way he IS a leader, and influences on his dear students, and his students respect him. If he’s a competent teacher his doing-things-well influences on his students and more likely they’ll respect him.
Even at his private life he should be honest, honorable and upright: in that way he IS a leader and his students, as I said, will likely respect him and his work with people, with persons.
He with his only presence passes on doing-things-well. Maybe he will have to make himself respected at the beginning but if he’s a competent teacher and upright (and struggles to be so) over time he will pass on and transmit respect and doing-things-well.
Also because he treats his students nice and fair. Also because he loves his students. With benevolence love – remember: he tries to seek what’s good for his students. He isn’t a mercenary but his students are felt like something of his own, and he listens and hears his students when approached and addressed maybe at the school halls, even in a nasty way...
He knows how to hear and listen – all this does not mean he’s naïve or silly… He’s astute and clever. In few words he knows how to gain his students and he puts his students in his pockets, as we say in Spanish. He’s thoroughly in favor of his students. / Photo from: Wooder Ice. The picture might show a competent teacher.

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