Friday, June 16, 2017

3213. Getting Enthused Students Too

The teacher should manage the classroom and the students’ behavior, but ultimately these people should have prevalent freedom to behave as they think better. We’ll teach and show them what is better.
If we achieve to love them they will respect us teachers, more likely than not. Otherwise with a “terror regime” they could obey us but they will not develop as persons.
Thus sensible authority must be exerted with respect and love toward the students; otherwise they will obey but not as free persons. We teachers have to teach our students why behaving nice is good for them. We have got several reasons: respect toward the teacher, who is an adult person; respect toward one another, who have to work at their now-professional work, which is learning and studying; respect toward their parents and families, who ultimately are paying their taxes to have nice schools all over the nation; and last but not least, respect toward God – with transcendent views it is easier and simpler to have ethics and moral.
Before starting to teach, the students should be prone and ready to listen, both to their teacher’s instructions how to work and listen also to his presentation. And then when proceeding into his speaking and presenting he should gaze and stare at popping-up misbehavior outbreaks.
There is one golden rule: if we get our students should be working, we will have fewer behavior problems.
Even something more practical: let’s implement a dictation and so we’ll have them focused on writing and listening to us.
Coming to the head and to the beginning of this article: we, little by little, have to accomplish our students should respect and love us: they eventually will behave nice. And we will have some moral authority and prestige too.
Something also concrete and specific: have them sitting nice at their desks: posture helps behave better. Otherwise if they sit lazily on their desks they cannot work nice, even think: they’ll otherwise be drowsy.
And let’s be firm at setting and following and fulfilling some rules, with respect but firm anyway, and then they will recognize we take care of them and they’ll be able to respect us their teachers. / Photo from: independent traveler. To pilot a plane the crew must have nice discipline.

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