Friday, June 9, 2017

3208. How Our Students Can Be Happy!

I wrote about good and autonomous students on last post, #3207. Something else can be said.
When students become good ones, because they have adequate learning strategies and they’re aware they’re competent students, they become happier. Okay, then they may also become good helpers and they can assist their classmates in a more thorough way. And they become happier, and you can see this on regular days.
Someone is happier when he’s open to help his fellow people. It is also something you can see and spot on regular days, on any ordinary day, as I said. I’m referring to something that is written inside each person, something natural, some tendency toward that helping others.
In case they’re rather selfish, could we not advise them and suggest them how to help their classmates? If they give that step forward, for sure they’ll become happier.
Something concrete and specific? Put some high-achievers sitting next to low-achievers, in order to assist them. I’ve seen nice examples along my career as a teacher of assisting classmates one another… / Photo from: SLIDER-ASSS-2018-1024x400_c

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