Monday, June 5, 2017

3204. Students Usually Love Small Jobs!

Most of us may be convinced that having small jobs in the classroom is beneficial to our students, is this so? I’m persuaded yes.

With those tasks our dear students gain responsibility, and you may agree that all of us desire students be responsible. With those small jobs our students grow inner. Our students may think, Okay this is my business and I have to carry it out. In some way or other they may think so.

We also get a classroom that is neater and tidier if we implement those jobs. They feel the classroom and the school as something of their own. This is something so educative, and besides our students may love those tasks. This is my experience.

We teachers have to learn how to delegate our exhaustive work in our students’ hands: we cannot do everything. As well in that way we construct the classroom with material which is essential for our teaching them. Anyone can think of a nice list of small jobs. Some examples: getting chalk for our still-existing chalkboards, turning off the lights, setting the desks into neat rows, picking up paper balls from the floor, writing the date in English on the board, cleaning the eraser, reading the student list to find out how many kids will stay at the school lunch, watering the plants, deconstructing the noticeboard if necessary…

They may choose or they may have to accept the small job assigned to each one of them. The thing or caboodle (in a positive way I mean it) can rotate or stay the same all the year round. Something else we gain is that they think of others and their welfare. They also get happier. Because they’re more generous. / Photo from: MaxDefense Philippines – blogger. We also educate our nice students in discipline.

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