Wednesday, June 28, 2017

3222. Geniuses in Our Classroom?

Isaac Newton, Thomas A. Edison, Antoni Gaudí, John Ford, Joan Miró, Alfred Hitchcock, Steve Jobs. Geniuses, right? Well, they all were bad students.
In no way do I intend to tell you that our students have to be bad ones in order to be geniuses. Those people got bored in the classroom or anyway they had problems at studying.
What students of ours can be potential geniuses? Think of it. Maybe we have to discover what is good for the students we have: Have we seen their strong points? Maybe they’re in need of someone discovering their special talent.
In the meanwhile do not stop good students and high-achievers we may have in our classrooms, lest they could get bored too! We need to make tutorials with our individual students, to find out what is okay with them and also to help them learn what the syllabus or program states they have to learn, anyway.
But let’s be prone to discover that that kid is good at that classroom small job, or that other over there could be buff at that other small job over there. Or for such or such classroom intellectual work.
I had a friend that was not pretty good at learning English, and today he’s an ace at communicating in that language and even a nice teacher also of that language. / Photo from: Drive. The picture may show a genius’s concept car design.

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