Friday, June 23, 2017

3218. Every Single Student Is Unique!

Uniqueness. Every single student of ours is unique. They are not a mass I have to master. I have to think of each one, they may be many though.
People need to feel they are loved, whatever they are like, not because of what they have or because they’re good at learning English. We feel strong and supported when we know we are loved not conditionally, according to Jutta Burggraf (2007).
And this love is love of benevolence: we want and wish to do what’s good for them. I don’t confine my work to mere teaching, but also to being at my students’ disposal, if they want to talk with me.
I knew a female teacher whose female students turned to her between lessons, just to tell her something of their own. And in that way we teachers do what’s good for our students. We should dedicate some time to think of our students, to pray for them and their families, to think about their potentialities. We are not going to be paid for that but it is part of our work as teachers. I think that way.
And that benevolence love will be transmitted in the classroom: we will see not mere learners or students but people, persons with a name and a family name, and a biography.
And sooner or later our students will turn to us, to tell us their things, like that teacher I told you about. Better if male students turn to male teachers and the same with female students and female teachers: those students could tell us personal concerns and worries, and joys too! Your students will learn from you, not only English or math but from what you are, and that’s a great responsibility.
Furthermore you yourself should know you can turn to your colleagues for advice and help, as I told you yesterday on post #3217. Plus always consider that you can count on the Other, on God I mean. I can remember how my colleagues used to help me when I was starting my career. It was great! / Photo from: My English Language

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