Monday, June 19, 2017

3214. Our Kids Are Just Great We May Assume

Psychologist Leonard Sax states that it might be dangerous and hurting to treat young people or kids as if they were grown-ups, and I wrote something about this on post #3212.
You know, I think that in some way we could treat our young students as they are, in accordance with their age, okay, but a bit older than they really are. In that way we foster their freedom and responsibility. Even we could treat them a bit better that they really are – otherwise they will become even worse...
We can assign them small jobs in the classroom, of course.
My experience says that we can treat kids by counting on them and trusting them somewhat even quite a lot. We can also talk to and with them by recognizing they’re intelligent persons, persons with some discernment, some growing discernment.
They can’t direct the syllabus, the program and the rhythm of teaching but we can demand from them to get nice grades. We teachers must appeal their responsibility and we’ll gain quite much, I mean it.
So let’s treat them a bit more than their age, a bit older, not much older, of course. On this point I coincide with that psychologist – and I bet many of you too – we can’t treat them as grown-ups, for sure! Ultimately I think the same as Leonard Sax I guess. / Photo from: StanfordNews. The picture might show a dad talking with one of his children.

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