Tuesday, June 6, 2017

3205. Educating within Liberty

Families are the natural place where our students may grow fine or at least they should. But together with their families our students spend long at our school.
Let’s give an example about what some parents maybe should do with one of their children aged 16. Those parents, both dad and mom can exact from the kid to study his exams to pass them at the June call. If he fails, he will have to pass other exams in September.
Okay then, those parents might have a few serious but nice conversations with their kid in order to specify his goals, his way of studying and making the compulsory essays, and so on. But those dad and mom will in no way super-protect and over-protect him too much: they will let him work on his own.
And then if he fails his exams they will try to make him face his responsibility: Why did you fail? What was wrong? What was your obligation and duty? Think of it, with serenity but with realism, and try and find the solution. Nice and gentle conversations anyway! I don't mean questions like a machine-gun!
The point is not helping the kid “too much” in his studies: it’s him who has to fulfill his duties, and they’re educating his offspring for the future, when he’ll have to face life itself. While he’s studying for June call they might help him somewhat, like for instance by asking him, How are you going with those exams? And the like also, other questions also, to specify something concrete! So, something but not too much, he’s old enough, isn't he?
He should have been educated when younger to carry out his obligations, little by little, combining helping him with letting him free. 
All in a nice way and respecting his ultimate freedom. The point, remember, is educating him for life, and he’s old enough to face his exams. / Photo from: beach-catamaran-hobie16 BoatUS. The pic is just a nice illustration, very summer-like!

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