Thursday, June 29, 2017

3223. Students Need to Show Themselves as They Are!

So geniuses we were talking about. But they’re born as geniuses or they make themselves? I would say both. They find genius ideas, fine creations, they have brilliant and bright findings! And they may be encountered among our dear students...
We have to facilitate creative thinking and working. For example we could let our students write compositions or essays, or stories. Or we could be watchful so as to find the genius spark lighting somewhere among our students and their working. We could be watchful so as to discover – how should I say? – any brilliant attitude and aptitude amid our students. You may be thinking of more challenges or chances or opportunities for them to show themselves as geniuses.
Up to some extent any one of our students is great at something. They are! We can find a lot along our lessons and at tutoring sessions with each one of them. But let’s not forget we have to offer creative learning, maybe together with regular learning according to the plan, syllabus or program.
Also let’s remember that brilliant students will need to spend long at work: geniuses have a perfect mixture of bright findings plus constant work, constant and perseverant work: Thomas A. Edison, Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs, Antoni Gaudí...
And obviously tell no one he’s a genius: too much pride can be harmful and ruin everything: just let’s exploit their aptitudes and attitudes, when they both together may make up somebody luminary! / Photo from: Pipes and Drums

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